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Kinzoogianna's FIRST review (and it's a doozy)

Very excited that Joerg Schmitt has reviewed Cinnamon Bun for his magazine Sonic Soul today!

The translation from google is....Anna Stubbs. From London. Most recently with SonicSoul as one half of Brotherly, whose "Analects" album pulled out all the stops between jazz, broken beatz and prog soul. Anna has now become Kinzoogianna and she is now ready for her own performance. She prouced an album called "Gold For The Hungry Souls" - recorded almost solo - only Rob Mullarkey (the other Brotherly half) and drummer Richard Spaven were active as "London's best drum and bass crew". In advance of the album (released in August!), the artist delivers the extremely appealing "Cinnamon Bun", a delicately sweet melange of soul and jazz, mixed on a daily basis, softly arranged and enticingly presented. "A London Sunday out walking, and bumping into The Isley Brothers," says Kinzoogianna. The 60-second teaser from this encounter is below. The whole pleasure then from February 4th.

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